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Promote the preservation, conservation and restoration of the native plants and native plant communities of Florida

Cuplet Fern

Serving all of Seminole County

Cuplet Fern Chapter is one of 37 Florida Native Plant Society (FNPS) chapters throughout the state.
Our chapter was established January 2010.

Each local chapter has a Board of Directors and a chapter representative who participates in the state-wide Council of Chapters (COC) which is represented at the state level Board of Directors.  All chapters have a similar format of meeting/programs and field trips which are free and open to the general public.  However, each chapter may have different project involvement which support the mission of preserving, conserving, and restoring native plants and their plant communities.

Please join us at our monthly meetings and field trips.

Next program meeting is August 13th at 7pm at the Sanford Garden Club: 200 Fairmont Drive, Sanford, FL 32773 

We are a casual group. Pull up a chair, enjoy the program, and support kids with a donation!


AUGUST 2018: 'READ AND LEARN' Articles

Win a Special Prize!

At the program meeting, an open-ended question will be asked before the program to the audience pertaining to either publication. The person answering will receive a special prize. In the event of multiple audience members answering the initial question, specific tie-breaker questions will follow until there is an ultimate winner. 

Native Plant of the Month- Firebush, Hamelia patensClick here to read about the "Hamelia mess", as the author puts it, on what's a hybrid, a cultivar, and the real native hamelia! 

Discover Florida plant communities over at FNPS- Learn how certain trees have specialized in their natural enviroment and then  predict what plants should grow where before setting foot on a conservation area- Click here to read about our various plant communities in Florida!

Bonus publication! Not part of your read and learn challenge, but an excellent print-out for butterfly lovers and the native plants they nectar and larval host on. Courtesy of the Florida Museum of Natural History: A beautiful flyer on all the different types of butterflies found in Florida, including the vulnerable atala butterfly that resides in south Florida !



200 Fairmont Drive, Sanford, FL @ 7pm

Click here to view details on our Facebook event page

Linda is a freelance photographer and certified Master Naturalist that has never lost her childlike fascination with the wonders of the outdoors. Linda hopes to inspire others to seek the outdoors, to fall in love with it as she has and mostly, to awaken a sense of responsibility to preserve the wild Florida for future generations of all live forms. Her photography exhibition is now available at Leu Gardens until mid-September. Admission is free as the exhibit is indoors in the main building. 

Cuplet Fern is pleased to have Linda present to our community. Free admission. Donations towards Youth Eco-Camp welcomed and encouraged at the meeting! Small selection of locally grown native plants also available for purchase (proceeds go towards Youth Eco-Camp sponsorships)


AUGUST TARFLOWER-LED FIELD TRIP:  To be determined. Details to released August 2nd. Field trip will likely be on August 11th. Reservations TBD

Time: TBD 

Location:  TBD

Parking:  TBD

Further Info: TBD  

RSVP TBD  for this field trip- email cupletfern@gmail.com for questions. This will be a Tarflower chapter led field trip with our friends in Orange County.

(Reservations are usually required for inclement weather or if the field trip leader gets sick, we can call you back and cancel plans.) 


Cuplet Fern's first president, Rick Ehle, has passed away. Click to view a slideshow of our beloved member whose memories and dedication to native plants will be cherished by future generations.

5/4/47 - 6/8/18

Born May 4, 1947 in Chippewa County Michigan. Grew up in a village called DeTour- very close to the Canadian border and the locks at Sault Ste.Marie. Served in the Air Force during Vietnam (1968-71). Came to Florida (from California where he was living when he got out of the service) in the late 70's and lived here ever since. He loved Florida and only returned to Michigan once after leaving there to join the Air Force. Attended Michigan State and also College in California. Geological Engineering was his major. Studied Florida's plants, trees, grasses, and flowers for many years. Self taught botanist whose mentors were Dr. Walter Taylor, Dr. Eliane Norman, Dr. Hank Whittier and was also fond of Dick Deuerling and Sam Hopkins . Spent many hours in deep thought, study, and conversation with those fellow plant lovers.


Rick Ehle


As president of Tarflower Chapter before Cuplet Fern, Rick surpassed expectations by creating a 'Pioneer Day' notebook for each member. Each publication had a short history of Tarflower until 2005. To add a personal touch, he asked each member to pick a native plant with a picture... he then crafted a short poem for every single member based on their plant selection. See below what Mary Keim and Randy Snyder submitted- each of their notebooks had a personalized poem (which have been combined in this document) for her native plant choice (Frogfruit Phyla nodiflora) and Randy's Hackberry (Celtis laevigata) which are found on pages 4 and 3 respectively. Click the image below to follow the link.


Scrub Plant Rescue and Relocation Help Needed!

Clermont area, August 9th, 23rd, and 30th 8am 

Picture Above: Scrub Plum (Prunus geniculata) fruit. A rare photograph of a ripe fruit as they are highly coveted by scrub and sandhill animals. Scrub plum is a sandhill and scrub habitat specialist and widely considered as a hallmark of this beautiful, rapidly vanishing habitat. This plant has a very low recruitment rate- that is, many flowers fail to fruit, many fruit fail to sprout, and many sprouts fail to thrive- which is making them increasingly rare outside of protected habitat. They are slow growers: a 3' tall specimen can be up to 10 years old. It's zigzag bare branches and reddish young leaves make it an interesting, unusual plant. Scrub plums rarely survive transplanting- they have a poorly understood, but critical relationship with soil fungi and bacteria that is likely severed when moved. Photo by Michael Jenkins of Florida Fish and Wildlife out at the Warea Tract, in neighboring Lake County.

Rescue at Castle Hill is back on. The developer has given us permission for the month of August and maybe September to rescue on site. The dates we have established so far are August 9, 23 and 30. The developer is trying to pull permits as we speak, so our time is limited. Other dates may become available.
This is a beautiful Sandhill habitat with a lot of not only common but rare and endangered plants. Previously FNPS members had taken over 4,000 plants from the site which are now all planted at various restoration sites like Lake Louisa State Park, Little Italy (St. John’s River Water Management site west side of Lake Apopka), Oakland Nature Preserve, and other Lake County Parks and Rec and Water Authority sites like Flat Island (near PEAR Park) and Crooked River. All are doing beautifully from our last survey. The terrain is hilly and sandy and will require a lot of walking, hauling, etc. It is August, it will be hot – but the results are so rewarding.
If you wish to participate please send an email to Jackie Rolly at j.y.rolly@att.net and she can provide directions and the possibility of other dates.


Controversial development ruling ahead transgressing rural borders in Seminole County. Click on the video to find out more. Contact your local representative today or Channel 13 Spectrum and share your thoughts with them.




BIOLOGICAL CONTROL OF THE MEXICAN BROMELIAD WEEVIL Ronald D. Cave Indian River Research & Education Center Ft. Pierce, FL.




Japanese Climbing Fern Old World Climbing Fern Lygodium japonicum (Thunb.) Lygodium microphyllum (Cav. R. Br.) Lygodiaceae Lygodiaceae by IFAS and FDACS




Courtesy of your Cuplet Fern YouTube channel! Email mp4 content to our channel!




Open to any artist or admirer, from all types of art media, from all skill levels, from all walks of life, showcasing Florida native plants in some form or another!








October 2, 2018 -  Regional FNPS program. 'FL Native Wildflowers and Serendipity' with  renowned author Rufino Osorio
Harry P. Leu Gardens 6:30pm

October 20, 2018 -  Tarflower Chapter's 6th Annual Backyard Biodiversity Day at Mead Gardens

October 27, 2018 -  Environmental Education Event
Sweetwater Oaks

November 3, 2018 -  Renowned author, Ginny Stibolt's Gardening Workshop! At Sanford Chamber of Commerce  Tickets on sale soon!

March 2, 2019 -  Seminole Gardening Expo at the Seminole UF/IFAS Extension Agency More information coming soon!


Your Cuplet Fern Team

President Mark Kateli  
Past President (advisory) Neta Villalobos-Bell  
Vice President Barbara Whittier Send questions and information to:
Membership Christine Brown PO Box 150021
Secretary Christine Brown Altamonte Springs 32715
Treasurer Susan Angermeier cupletfern@gmail.com
Newsletter Kathleen Poole or leave a phone message at
Chapter Representative (interim)     Mark Kateli (352) 658-3677
Director at Large Jim Hoopper  
Director at Large Marion Crim  
Website Mark Kateli  
Website (advisory) Ken Bell  
Youth Eco Camp Ambassador Barbara Whittier  


Published on  22.07.2018