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Promote the preservation, conservation and restoration of the native plants and native plant communities of Florida

Cuplet Fern

Serving all of Seminole County

Cuplet Fern Chapter is one of 37 Florida Native Plant Society (FNPS) chapters throughout the state.
Our chapter was established January 2010.

Each local chapter has a Board of Directors and a chapter representative who participates in the state-wide Council of Chapters (COC) which is represented at the state level Board of Directors.  All chapters have a similar format of meeting/programs and field trips which are free and open to the general public.  However, each chapter may have different project involvement which support the mission of preserving, conserving, and restoring native plants and their plant communities.

Please join us at our monthly meetings and field trips.

Please attend our monthly program meetings: 7pm at the Sanford Garden Club (200 Fairmont Drive, Sanford, FL 32773))

We are a casual group. Pull up a chair, enjoy the program, and take home a few native plants with a donation to the childrens Eco Camp!



November 17th 10:30am (weekend)

November 29th 10am (tentative)

December 7th 10am (tentative)

December 8th 10:30am (weekend)

Contact Tina McIntyre and Terrence Fullerton for Details: kmcintyre02@seminolecountyfl.gov and tfullerton@seminolecountyfl.gov

Eventbrite Tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/seminole-county-fertilizer-workshops-tickets-49956888398?utm-medium=discovery&utm-campaign=social&utm-content=attendeeshare&aff=escb&utm-source=cp&utm-term=listing 



DECEMBER 10th: Our Annual Holiday Potluck Social!

A fun game, gift exchange, networking with one another, & much more!

Time: 6:30pm 

Point of Contact: Barbara Whittier, Christine Brown and Mark Kateli

Location:  Sanford Garden Club   200 Fairmont Drive , Sanford, FL 32773

Parking:  Parking lot adjacent to building and across the street (plenty of parking availability)

Entrance Fee: None. Members report volunteer hours. 

Further Info on Venue:   http://www.sanfordgardenclub.com

Event on Facebook (for full info): https://www.facebook.com/events/196492301177649

About the Event: A Fun game and networking time is planned. We encourage our native plant family to take the time at the social to get to know one another. Please bring a covered dish and something to drink. We are planning a gift exchange- please email Christine Brown as she is organizing gifts at cupletfern.secretary@gmail.com



DECEMBER 10th: NEW EMBROIDERED $15 CUPLET FERN TSHIRTS:  Ladies, it's time for an upgrade! Purchase your polos at the Holiday Social!  Pre-purchase by emailing here: cupletfern@gmail.com


Incredible deal: $15

What: Cuplet Fern embroidered All-performance polo

Perks:  100% wrinkle-resistant and never needs ironing, so it is great for travelling. It is also 100% moisture-wicking and barely even needs to go in the dryer. The All-Purpose Polo is medium weight, so it feels fantastic while staying put or on the go. Finally, the fabric is slightly textured, so it wears and looks just right for professional, athletic or casual wear. This shirt is perfect for working indoors or out in the heat. An innovative fabric-dying process uses about 10% of the water normally required to produce garments, which is terrific for the environment, while at the same time creating 100% color fastness. The color of this shirt will not fade even after 1,000 washes!

Perks you didn't think about:  Bright colors will help locate you in case you fall behind on a field trip

Highly limited: Once gone, it's gone. This was an incredible deal that your president put his own money down on. If such a rare deal happens again, the next order will be for the gents.



DECEMBER 15th: GENTLE REJUVENATING YOGA WITH NATIVE PLANT EXCHANGE:  A unique initiative to exchange native plants after a refreshing light yoga class! Guests are welcome. TICKETS ON SALE HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/gentle-rejuvinating-yoga-with-native-plant-exchange-tickets-51667671396


Time: 11:45am 

Point of Contact: Mark Kateli 

Location:  Serenity Now Yoga   1200 W State Rd 434 #212, Longwood, FL 32750

Parking:  Parking available in front and back of building. Please note the yoga studio is located on the second floor.

Entrance Fee: $12   Your ticket covers cost of the class and a proceed to Cuplet Fern! Both business are local to Seminole County that promote health and a better lifestyle. Members report volunteer hours.

Further Info:   http://www.serenitynowyogacorp.com

Principle of Giving and why the Native Plants make an Ideal Choice: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/nicholas-liusuwan/generosity-in-buddhism_b_14487312

Limited Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/gentle-rejuvenating-yoga-with-native-plant-exchange-tickets-51667671396

This class is an adult Yin Yoga class-

The class lasts roughly an hour. You will need to arrive by 11:45am to sign-off on a standard event waiver form. Yoga mats are included for your convenience- all you have to do is show up with a native plant for our plant exchange at the end of the class.

The gift of generosity in eastern cultures requires that the gift is pure. A pure gift would be giving a gift that is proper: meaning proper for the time, person, circumstance, etc. and is earned by honest means. To give with pure intentions means to give with compassion, conviction, attentively, and without negatively affecting others. A pure recipient would be a virtuous person who would be worthy of a gift. This is where native plants come into the picture.

Your ticket covers the cost of the class and a donation to the Florida Native Plant Society Cuplet Fern chapter. Not to worry- a few extra native plants will also be available in case you forget or don't have native plants :)


As a special event incentive, Cuplet Fern will reimburse $6 for newcommers towards their Cuplet Fern FNPS membership for their first year with us. Simply email us and let us know when you have become a Cuplet Fern member through FNPS.org. We have the ability to confirm your membership through the website and we will mail you a check listed in your transacted membership application.

Facebook event page to share with your loved ones is available here:  https://www.facebook.com/events/2230443693911725/



JAN 14th 2019: 'READ AND LEARN' Articles 

Win a Special Prize!

At the program meeting, an open-ended question will be asked before the program to the audience pertaining to either publication. The person answering will receive a special prize. In the event of multiple audience members answering the initial question, specific tie-breaker questions will follow until there is an ultimate winner. 

 Native Plant of the Month- Blanket flower, Gaillardia pulchellaClick here to read about this pretty wildflower is found across most of the lower 48 states. 

 Florida has an autumn too- Discover the seasonal responses from different native trees indicative of cooler weather- Click here for an interesting archived read from the Palmetto!

Bonus publication: Different 'nativars' (native cultivars) of Gaillardia. Note in particular 'Sundance Bicolor' and what the article says about the sterile ray florets found in many gaillardia species. This very interesting tidbit was discovered anecdotally and will most certainly be discussed!





Above photo courtesy of Katrina Shadix

Time: 6:45pm 

Point of Contact: Mark Kateli

Location:  Sanford Garden Club   200 Fairmont Drive , Sanford, FL 32773

Parking:  Parking lot adjacent to building and across the street (plenty of parking availability)

Entrance Fee: None   Members report volunteer hours.

Pre-program discussion: Katrina Shadix, director of the nonprofit organization Bear Warriors United, will be speaking briefly before the main program about ongoing Bear Warriors projects happening in our county and what you can do as better informed citizens with coexisting in bear habitat. Katrina will provide us FWC current policy information, movement towards Oviedo becoming the first "Bear Wise" city in Florida, and how HOA's can be more naturewise

Further Info on Venue:   http://www.sanfordgardenclub.com





Above photo of purple martins over St. Augustine

Time: 6:45pm 

Point of Contact: Neta Villalobos-Bell and Mark Kateli

Location:  Sanford Garden Club   200 Fairmont Drive , Sanford, FL 32773

Parking:  Parking lot adjacent to building and across the street (plenty of parking availability)

Entrance Fee: None. Members report volunteer hours. Master Garderner's Program continuing education hours eligible! Faith's presentation will cover the use of native plants to attract migrating birds to your yard.

Further Info on Venue:   http://www.sanfordgardenclub.com

Event on Facebook (for full info): https://www.facebook.com/events/232470630862010






FEBRUARY 16th CUPLET FERN FIELD TRIP:  A guided tour of the UCF HERBARIUM! Guests are welcome. RSVP for non-members required. Email Cupletfern@gmail.com

Above photo courtesy of the UCF Herbarium

Time: 8:45am 

Point of Contact: Christine Brown and Dr. Elizabeth Harris

Location:  UCF Herbarium   12424 Research Parkway, Suite 305, Orlando, FL 32826

Parking:  Park in the Research Pavilion   Ample parking available. 

Entrance Fee: None  Members report volunteer hours.

Further Info:   https://sciences.ucf.edu/biology/facilities/herbarium

Map: https://map.ucf.edu/?show=8102

Please join esteemed Herbarium curator Dr. Elizabeth Harris as we tour through the research pavilion adjacent to the UCF Arboretum offices. The UCF Herbarium was founded in 1968 for the deposit, curation, and study of preserved plant and fungi specimens. Vascular plants, mosses, liverworts, lichens, fungi and macro-algae can all be found in the collections of the UCF Herbarium. The growing collection includes over 20,000 specimens some dating back to the 1920s.

Some of the notable collections deposited in the UCF Herbarium include those made by Mary Singeltary, Harvey A. Miller, Sam Hopkins, Henry Whittier, and  Paul O. Schallert. Numerous UCF undergraduate and graduate students have also donated specimens, many serving as vouchers for their research and theses.

Discover more about the UCF's fantastic collection and the SouthEast Regional Network of Expertise Collections here: http://sernec.org/

Facebook event page here:  https://www.facebook.com/events/2168540773388548

Bring water to drink and ample curiousity! We will disperse after the tour (no lunch).  

RSVP is required  for non-members for this field trip- email cupletfern@gmail.com for questions as we need to know anticipated attendance.
(Reservations are usually required for inclement weather or if the field trip leader gets sick, we can call you back and cancel plans.) 



REGIONAL MEETING PICS ARE IN! Review the ongoing album that spans through the years. Over 100 people from 5 counties attended Rufino Osorio's presentation, including a healthy turnout from Cuplet Fern!

          October FL Native Plant Month



RECAP: Video of our Hickory Bluff Preserve Field Trip!



RECAP: Video of our Lubee Bat Conservancy Field Trip!



ONGOING: Controversial development ruling ahead transgressing rural borders in Seminole County. Click on the video for info. Contact your local representative today or Channel 13 Spectrum (Jerry Hume) and share your thoughts with them.






November 10, 2018 -  Council of Chapters meeting (any Cuplet Fern members welcome). Kissimme Utility Authority. Email cupletfern@gmail.com for more details. A great get-together.

November 12, 2018 -  Program meeting on Fungi with Chris Matson

November 17, 2018 -  Inter-chapter field trip to the Lubee Bat Conservancy

December 10, 2018 -  Holiday Social with open invite to board members of Seminole IFAS Master Gardeners, Seminole Audubon, St Johns Water Management, and Central Florida Sierra Club.

February 23, 2019 -  Seminole Gardening Expo at the Seminole UF/IFAS Extension Agency. 9am- 2:30pm More information coming soon!

April 13 & 14th, 2019 -  TENTATIVE - Sanford Garden Club Plant Sale. More information coming soon!



Your Cuplet Fern Team

President Mark Kateli  
Past President (advisory) Neta Villalobos-Bell  
Vice President Barbara Whittier Send questions and information to:
Membership Christine Brown PO Box 150021
Secretary Christine Brown Altamonte Springs 32715
Treasurer Susan Angermeier cupletfern@gmail.com
Newsletter Kathleen Poole or leave a phone message at
Chapter Representative (interim)     Mark Kateli (352) 658-3677
Director at Large Marion Crim  
Publicity Chair  Jan Mangos  
Publicity- Social Media  Candis Roby  
Website Mark Kateli  
Website (advisory) Ken Bell  
Business Ambassador           Jim Hooper  
Youth Eco Camp Ambassador Barbara Whittier  


Published on  19.11.2018