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Promote the preservation, conservation and restoration of the native plants and native plant communities of Florida

Cuplet Fern

Serving all of Seminole County

Cuplet Fern Chapter is one of 37 Florida Native Plant Society (FNPS) chapters throughout the state.
Our chapter was established January 2010.

Each local chapter has a Board of Directors and a chapter representative who participates in the state-wide Council of Chapters (COC) which is represented at the state level Board of Directors.  All chapters have a similar format of meeting/programs and field trips which are free and open to the general public.  However, each chapter may have different project involvement which support the mission of preserving, conserving, and restoring native plants and their plant communities.

Please join us at our monthly meetings and field trips.

Please attend our monthly program meetings: 7pm at the Sanford Garden Club (200 Fairmont Drive, Sanford, FL 32773))

We are a casual group. Pull up a chair, enjoy the program, and take home a few native plants with a donation to the childrens Eco Camp!



Now Accepting Internships!

Available Positions 

Field Trips Coordinator (Hands-on)

Social Media Representative (Online)

Communications (Online)

Web Designer (Online)

Chapter Representative (Proxy- online)

Additional information will be sent to you upon completion of your form

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Discover native plants for Seminole County!

Hundreds of our fans that visit our webpage each month want to discover native plants that grow in our area. Please click on the image! A helpful suggestion for a complete list is to select "any" for light, soil, and water needs.

Love what we do? Trying to encourage someone? Want to gift a membership that doubles as chapter support? Email us here: cupletfern@gmail.com



Free list of native plants for birds in Seminole County!

Please click on the image. Enjoy!






April 20: 'More than Honeybees.... Florida's native bees', 12:30pm, Altamote Earth Day, open to the public

May 3: Earth Day at Lawton Elementary School, 3pm-6pm, Lawton Elementary School, open to Lawton students only

May 18: 'Using Florida Native Plants for Problem Areas in Your Yard' Sanford library, 10am, open to the public





Powerpoint presentation available for a limited time.

Click the expand icon button to watch it fullscreen. Enjoy!





Timeframe: 10:00am - 2:00pm

Point of Contact: Barbara Whittier and Neta Villalobos-Bell

Location:  Lake Lotus Park   1153 Lake Lotus Park Road, Altamonte Springs, FL 32714

Parking:  Parking lot (plenty of parking availability)

Entrance Fee: None   Members report volunteer hours. Neta's educational class on bees at 12:30pm is eligible for continuing education credits for the Seminole IFAS Master Gardeners program!

Info: Join Cuplet Fern as we celebrate Earth Day! We will have a booth selling plants and other merchandize.  A commemorative planting with natives is planned for the City of Altamonte's butterfly garden! Additionally, Neta Villalobos-Bell will be giving an educational class on 'More than Honeybees.... Florida's native bees' at 12:30pm. Should be a great day enjoying our community.



APRIL 27th: GENTLE REJUVENATING YOGA WITH NATIVE PLANT EXCHANGE:  A unique initiative to exchange native plants after a refreshing light yoga class! Guests are welcome. TICKETS ON SALE HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/gentle-rejuvenating-yoga-with-native-plant-exchange-tickets-54857112099


Arrival Time: 11:45am 

Point of Contact: Mark Kateli 

Location:  Serenity Now Yoga   1200 W State Rd 434 #212, Longwood, FL 32750

Parking:  Parking available in front and back of building. Please note the yoga studio is located on the second floor.

Entrance Fee: $12   Your ticket covers cost of the class and a proceed to Cuplet Fern! Both business are local to Seminole County that promote health and a better lifestyle. Members report volunteer hours.

Further Info:   http://www.serenitynowyogacorp.com

Principle of Giving and why the Native Plants make an Ideal Choice: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/nicholas-liusuwan/generosity-in-buddhism_b_14487312

Limited Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/gentle-rejuvenating-yoga-with-native-plant-exchange-tickets-54857112099

This class is an adult Yin Yoga class-

Come join us with yoga and a native plant exchange. The class lasts roughly an hour. Please  arrive by 11:45am. Yoga mats are included for your convenience- all you have to do is show up with a native plant for our plant exchange at the end of the class. This event is easy and relaxing.

The gift of generosity in eastern cultures requires that the gift is pure. A pure gift would be giving a gift that is proper: meaning proper for the time, person, circumstance, etc. and is earned by honest means. To give with pure intentions means to give with compassion, conviction, attentively, and without negatively affecting others. A pure recipient would be a virtuous person who would be worthy of a gift. This is where native plants come into the picture.

Your ticket covers the cost of the class and a donation to the Florida Native Plant Society Cuplet Fern chapter. Not to worry- a few extra native plants will also be available in case you forget or don't have native plants :)


As a special event incentive, Cuplet Fern will reimburse $6 for newcommers towards their Cuplet Fern FNPS membership for their first year with us. Simply email us and let us know when you have become a Cuplet Fern member through FNPS.org. We have the ability to confirm your membership through the website and we will mail you a check listed in your transacted membership application.

Facebook event page to share with your loved ones is:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1223896847774041/



MAY 13th 2019: 'READ AND LEARN' Article(s) 

Win a Special Prize!

At the program meeting, an open-ended question will be asked before the program to the audience pertaining to either (if there are two) publication. The person answering will receive a special prize. In the event of multiple audience members answering the initial question, specific tie-breaker questions will follow until there is an ultimate winner. 

 Article of the Month- Cabbage Palm: General Info, Use, and Management-  Click here for the article!  

 Bonus publication: None this month. Be sure to participate in the Read and Learn. It enhances your native plant knowledge! 




Green Isle Gardens will be supplying a few, unique plants especially for this month!





Photo above of a Luna Moth (Actias Luna) via National Geographic

Arrival Time: 6:45pm 

Point of Contact: Susan Angermeier, Treasurer

Location:  Sanford Garden Club   200 Fairmont Drive , Sanford, FL 32773

Parking:  Parking lot adjacent to building and across the street (plenty of parking availability)

Entrance Fee: None   Members report volunteer hours. Main program hours are eligible for continuing education credits for the Seminole IFAS Master Gardeners program!

Main-program discussion: Taylor has had a lifelong interest in the natural world, especially with regards to the insects and birds. Even as an adult, he would delight in spotting a polyphemus moth cocoon dangling from an old twig, bring it home, wait for it to hatch,  (“eclose” it's is the scientific term) the following spring and then release it. Fifteen years ago, while living in Staten Island, New York, Taylor began breeding giant silk moths (Saturniids) and rearing their larvae, and has continued to do so in Florida. He has been an active participant in the WLSS online community (Worlds Largest Saturniidae Site), supplying the organization with local data and observations on giant silk moths, along with photos, and occasionally supplying egg and cocoon stock. 

Professionally, Taylor Jones is a syndicated editorial cartoonist and caricaturist whose work has been published worldwide in newspapers and magazines. Clients have included the New Republic, US News & World Report, the Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times. 

Whenever possible, Taylor enjoys combining nature with his cartooning. In 2013, he created a series of humorous illustrations celebrating the return of the 17-year periodical cicada (Brood II) for the Staten Island Museum. More recently, Taylor's produce a series of bird cartoons, with verse for each species, that he has titled “Faux Audubon.” Taylor lives in Mount Dora, where he draws cartoons at night, and maniacally tends to his butterfly garden by day.

Further Info on Venue:   http://www.sanfordgardenclub.com

Further Info on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/543596222801088/



UCF honors the Whittier family by renaming trail 'Whittier's Walk' in memory of Dr. Hank Whittier's early work in developing the UCF Arboretum!



ONGOING: Controversial development ruling ahead transgressing rural borders in Seminole County. Click on the video for info. Contact your local representative today or Channel 13 Spectrum (Jerry Hume) and share your thoughts with them.






March 11, 2019 -  Florida Native Orchids. Plus a pre-program short discussion about Fleet Farming and IDEAS projects in Seminole County. 6:45pm at Sanford Garden Club

March 16, 2019 -  Tour of Green Isle Gardens Nursery. 9:30am in Groveland.

April 8, 2019 -  Florida Edible Plants. 6:45pm at Sanford Garden Club

April 20, 2019 -  Earth Day at Lake Lotus Park, Altamonte. Come buy some plants from us! 10am- 2pm

April 20, 2019 -  Yoga with Native Plant Exchange. Serenity Now Yoga Studio in Longwood. 11:45am



Your Cuplet Fern Team

President Mark Kateli  
Past President (advisory) Neta Villalobos-Bell  
Vice President Barbara Whittier Send questions and information to:
Membership Christine Brown PO Box 150021
Secretary Christine Brown Altamonte Springs 32715
Treasurer Susan Angermeier cupletfern@gmail.com
Newsletter Kathleen Poole or leave a phone message at
Chapter Representative (interim)     Mark Kateli (352) 658-3677
Director at Large Marion Crim  
Publicity Chair  Jan Mangos  
Website Mark Kateli  
Website (advisory) Ken Bell  
Facebook  Stacy Klema  
Facebook Joey Myers  
Instagram  Kelly Del Valle  
Instagram  Kristin Sloan Brown  
Business Ambassador           Jim Hooper  
Youth Eco Camp Ambassador Barbara Whittier  
IDEAS Orlando and Fleet Farming Liason           Lee Perry  


Published on  19.04.2019