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Promote the preservation, conservation and restoration of the native plants and native plant communities of Florida


Serving all of Seminole County

Cuplet Fern Chapter is one of 37 Florida Native Plant Society (FNPS) chapters throughout the state.
Our wounderful chapter was established January 2010!

Each local chapter has a Board of Directors and a chapter representative who participates in the state-wide Council of Chapters (COC) which is represented at the state level Board of Directors.  All chapters have a similar format of meeting/programs and field trips which are free and open to the general public.  However, each chapter may have different project involvement which support the mission of preserving, conserving, and restoring native plants and their plant communities.

Please join us at our monthly meetings and field trips.

Our monthly meeting and program is held at the Seminole IFAS Auditorium! 6:45pm (250 County Road Home, Sanford, FL 32773)

We are a casual group. Pull up a chair, enjoy the program, and take home a few native plants with a donation to the childrens Eco Camp!



Be a part of our legacy for the new Florida native plant idea garden area within the Florida Friendly Landscape (FFL) at Seminole IFAS!

4th (typically) Saturday of each month in summer and fall.

Current dates are: 7/27, 9/28, 10/26. Bring your own supplies (gloves, trash bags, gardening tools, etc.).



With Tosohatchee Wildlife Management


Original photo of Tosohatchee courtesy of Lauren Mitchel

Arrival Time: 7:45am

Point of Contact: Mark Kateli 

Tickets:  Click here for tickets and further information.

Location:  Tosohatchee Wildlife Management Area  3365 Taylor Creek Road Christmas, FL 32709

Parking:  Main Entrance Parking lot   Ample parking available 

Entrance Fee: None   Members report volunteer hours. 

Details: A special opportunity where you won't have to walk around all morning taking pictures. Ticket purchase benefits Cuplet Fern chapter. Your pictures benefit Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Committee (FWC). Full details available by clicking on Eventbrite and Special Page with important information on our chapter website.

Further Info:   https://www.eventbrite.com/e/photographers-paradise-taking-pictures-for-florida-fish-and-wildlife-fall-edition-tickets-65114823189

Further Info on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/2381097375494102/



OCT 1st Micro-Conference: Private Tour of Leu Gardens and 4 unique presentations celebrating Florida's environment

11am - 4pm At Leu Gardens

Tickets required- purchase them here


Arrival Time: 10:45am 

Point of Contact: Mark Kateli

Location:  Harry P. Leu Gardens     1920 N Forest Ave, Orlando, FL 32803

Type of Event: A micro-conference for nature lovers that enjoy a small intimate-styled immersive learning experience. Attendees for the large evening event can make a 'complete day' experience with this event and also skip rush hour traffic.

Tickets: Click here for tickets and further information

Parking:  Parking lot adjacent to building  (plenty of parking availability but carpooling is always encouraged)

Entrance fee into the Venue: None   However, a ticket purchase for the micro-conference is needed. The short tour of Leu Gardens given by Dr. Bowden has been graciously comp'd for micro-confernence attendees.

Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/microconference-celebrating-floridas-environment-tickets-64283978109

Program discussions: 4 esteemed presenters are speaking on special topics pertaining to tree care, water conservation, native orchids, and organic plant compounds. You can read more about them here: http://cupletfern.fnpschapters.org/index.php?id=micro-conference&lang=en

Further Info on Venue:   https://www.leugardens.org

Further Info on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/480908819416212/



OCT 1st MAIN PROGRAM: PLANT COMMUNICATION- How plants and light interact with one another


(Note location of Meeting)

Original photo courtesy of Craig Huegel

Arrival Time: 6:30pm 

Point of Contact: Mark Kateli

Location:  Harry P. Leu Gardens     1920 N Forest Ave, Orlando, FL 32803

Type of Event: Regional event kicking-off October Native Plant month across the state. Dr. Huegel's presentation is the main part of it.

Parking:  Parking lot adjacent to building  (plenty of parking availability but carpooling encouraged due to large attendance)

Entrance Fee: None   Members report volunteer hours. Main program hours are eligible for continuing education credits for the Seminole IFAS Master Gardeners program!

Main-program discussion: Plants feed on sunlight. For more than a billion years, the relationship between the sun and photosynthetic orqanisms has been evolving and this relationship has become a very intricate. Though the miracle of photosynthesis is the first part of this relationship and the one most of us recognize, it is much deeper than this. Sunlight drives most every aspect of a plant's life history. In this lecture, Dr. Huegel will explore the many-faceted relationship plants have with sunlight.

Dr. Huegel is an ecologist/educator with extensive training and experience in wildlife and plant ecology, natural lands management, upland and wetland restoration, and the impacts of urbanization on natural systems. His career also has been focused on environmental education and nature interpretation. After graduation from Iowa State University, he founded the Wildlife Cooperative Extension program at the University of Kentucky and then co-founded the Urban Wildlife Cooperative Extension Program at the University of Florida. Dr. Huegel served as the Administrator of Pinellas County’s Environmental Lands Program for 12 years, has worked as an environmental consultant and now focuses his time as an Adjunct Professor at St Petersburg College and the University of Tampa, teaching in the Biology Departments.

Dr. Huegel has written six books for the public on native plants and wildlife, lectures to groups throughout Florida, operates a small wildflower nursery, Hawthorn Hill, from his home in Pasco County, and writes several popular blogs dedicated to Florida native plants.

Further Info on Venue:   https://www.leugardens.org

Further Info on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1260887614062891/





Special appearance by Commissioner Lee Constantine!


Field Trip Photo Courtesy of Florida Hikes

Arrival Time: 8:45am

Point of Contact: Patti Smith and Mark Kateli


Special appearance by Commissioner Lee Constantine! Lee will be making an appearance at the beginning of our field trip to welcome us and observe October as Florida Native Plant Month!

Location:  Lake Harney Wilderness Area: 12187 Osceola Fish Camp Rd, Geneva, FL 32732 There are no restrooms on property

Parking and where to meet: Gravel/dirt parking lot at the main entrance. Ample parking space   

Entrance Fee: None.   Members report volunteer hours. 


It's October Florida Native Plant Month! Please join Patti Smith from Seminole County Natural Lands at the Lake Harney Wilderness Area where she will discuss native plants and the property's overall ecosystem. This field trip is known for it's expansive scenery!

Patti Smith is an University of Central Florida trained biologist and a volunteer with the Seminole County Natural Lands Program. We will learn about a variety of habitats such as riverine swamp, hardwood hammock, wet prairie, Lake Harney, St. Johns River, and floodplain marsh. This tour is organized through the Seminole County Natural Lands Program in observance of October Florida Native Plant Month. 

The Lake Harney Wilderness Area (LHWA) is an approximately 300-acre property that is located along the St. Johns River at the northwest shore of Lake Harney. This site is home to an historic crossing of the Florida East Coast Railway, Native American shell middens, several bald eagle nests, oak hammocks and mixed hardwood swamps. This site also contains extensive floodplain marshes associated with Lake Harney which serve as important feeding grounds for wading birds and as a natural filter improving water quality. There is also an observation deck that provides scenic views of the Lake Harney floodplain. 

Bring water to drink, a bagged lunch if you want to picnic at the pavilion after the hike, hat, sunscreen, and insect repellent. Wear hiking or walking closed toed shoes. Don't forget to bring ample curiosity!

About Commissioner Constantine:

Seminole County Commissioner Lee Constantine, a graduate of the University of Central Florida, has represented Florida as a public servant for 39 years. In 1978, he was elected the youngest official in the City of Altamonte Springs history, serving as Commissioner and Mayor for 14 years. In 1992, he was elected to the Florida House of Representatives where he served for 8 years. 

In 2000, Mr. Constantine was elected to the Florida Senate representing the citizens of Orange and Seminole Counties. He served until November 2010, only ending his Senate career due to term limits. Since 2012, Lee has served as a Seminole County Commissioner.

Further Info:   



Further Info on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1218980071613471/






September 14, 2019 -  Rare Plant Count (special citizen science field trip). With Seminole State Forest. 8:45am in Paisley, FL

September 21, 2019 -  Photographer's Paradise: Tosohatchee- Fall Edition (Click here tickets and information). With Tosohatchee Wildlife Management. 7:45am in Christmas, FL

October 1, 2019 -  Micro-Conference! Click here for ticket information. At beautiful Leu Gardens. 10:45am in Orlando, FL

October 1, 2019 -  Regional Kick-off October Native Plant Month Meeting! With FNPS chapters and affiliated organizations. At beautiful Leu Gardens. 6:30pm in Orlando, FL

October 6, 2019 -  Tour of scenic Lake Harney Wilderness Area. With Seminole Natural Lands Program representative, Patti Smith. 8:45am near Geneva, FL Commissioner Lee Constantine will be making an appearance!

October 22, 2019 -  County-wide proclamation celebrating October as Florida Native Plant Month! With Seminole Board of County Commissioners. 8:45am in Sanford, FL Approved and supported by Commissioner Brenda Carey!




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