Monthly Meeting

Second Monday of each Month @ 7:00 pm
200 Fairmont, Sanford, FL
Meetings/Programs are free and open to the public

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Native plants available at each meeting for a donation to our camp scholarships.


Florida's Edible Native Plants - Presentation
Scott Davis, who presented this topic for our chapter, has given permission to post his powerpoint.


September 11, 2017 – “Moths are Awesome” – Speaker Taryn Sudol
7pm, 200 Fairmont Dr, Sanford.  Butterflies are beautiful but moths are awesome and overlooked.  See some of the more spectacular moths found in Florida and how we can provide for them.  Free. 407 302-7616.


October 3, 2017 – CELEBRATE FLORIDA NATIVE PLANT MONTH – Joint meeting with Tarflower Chapter
7pm, Harry P. Leu Botanical Gardens, 1920 N Forest Ave, Orlando.  Join in observance and celebration of Florida Native Plant Month with Dr. Patrick Bohlen, University of Central Florida's Biology Department and Director Landscape and Natural Resources (LNR) and Arboretum,  He will present 'Bringing Biodiversity Back into Urban Yards'. Learn about how valuable your own green space is in the larger picture of nature and positive change. Light refreshments available.  Free.  407 302-7616


November 13, 2017 – “Adding beauty, increased water quality, and wildlife with Lake Restoration”  - Speaker Beth Stephens.
7pm, 200 Fairmont Dr, Sanford.  Ms Stephens will describe the process to increase water quality in polluted lakes to restore their natural beauty and increase beneficial wildlife.  Through her volunteer organization, SERV, and homeowners, many lakes have already been restored. Free. 407 302-7616


December 11, 2017 – Holiday Potluck – 6:30pm
End of year Holiday Party. Bring a covered dish, friend, and family to share. The Chapter will provide the main entre and activities.  Free.  For more information: 407 302-7616


January 8, 2018 – “How to Identify an Invasive Plant” – Speaker  - Sherry Williams
7pm, 200 Fairmont, Sanford.  Do you know what’s lurking in your yard?  Those invasive plants whose seeds ready to sprout and stems spreading underground just waiting to wreck havoc in your yard and in our natural lands.  Learn to identify these invaders and how to control them.
Free.  407 302-7616. 


February 12, 2017 - Red-cockaded Woodpecker   Speaker - Monica Folk
7pm, 200 Fairmont Dr, Sanford


March 12, 2017 - Christmas/Savage Creek Restoration   Speaker - Beth Jackson
7pm, 200 Fairmont Dr, Sanford


April 9, 2017 - Isolated Wetlands, Fluctuating Water Levels, and Breeding Frogs   Speaker Jay Exum
7pm, 200 Fairmont Dr, Sanford


May 14, 2017 - Exploring Floirda Native Plants at Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens  Speaker - Erin Micelli>
7pm, 200 Fairmont Dr., Sanford. Speaker Erin Miceli, Horticulture Manger at Central Florida Zoo & Botanic Garden, will share the work, installation and maintenance, and progress made to integrate Florida Native Plants into the main areas and exhibits.  Free.  407 302-7616.


June 11, 2017 - Hummingbirds and Native Plants they Love  Speaker - Lavon Silvernell
7pm, 200 Fairmont Dr, Sanford

Published on  25.08.2017