How can I help Cuplet Fern?

The gift of your time is the most valuable gift of all!

There are several ways you can participate and help Cuplet Fern. Here are some of the ways that you can help and feel good about making a difference for Florida native plants for our community. 


The gift of your time from the comfort of your home

Social media: Currently, we are looking for a Facebook enthusiast to create posts and share content on our Facebook page for the evening timeslot. We are looking for people that can post, or schedule posts, around 8:45pm each night. Our Facebook insights show us that our viewership peaks around that timeframe. Most content posts can be scheduled to a particular time, so this is easily done. Ecology, environment, plants, animals, birds, are all good topics to post about. Show us you, and we’ll give you a platform to spotlight yourself as a Facebook editor! Email us- we want to hear your native plant voice!


The gift of your time with the community

We have several outreaches that interact with the community and spread the importance and beauty of Florida naive plants. Currently, we are looking for help at our November 3rd Gardening Workshop with renowned author Ginny Stibolt! 7am-5pm at the Sanford Chamber of Commerce. We also need some volunteers at our booth for the Sweetwater Oaks Garden Club event on October 27th. Come see us in action and understand commonly asked questions and concerns from our community! Email us for more info on community outreaches!


The gift of your time in the field

We have several rare plant rescues and relocation programs that pop up all around the year. Due to growing urban sprawl and destruction of rich plant communities that happen close to human contact, plant rescues aren’t unheard of. By relocating native plants in other natural communities, we give them a second chance at life and also help attract the vast array of biodiversity that they attract wherever they flourish. Check out our main page for pop-up plant salvages and relocation dates. Email us to stay updated about plant rescues!


The gift of time with your native plant family- Cuplet Fern!

There are two ways you can directly help your native plant family- joining or plant propagation team and helping out at program meetings. Our plant propagation team has been active since 2010. We grow plants at home and bring them to our meetings. It’s just that simple. All plants donated help towards our Youth Eco Camp Scholarship which helps kids ages 7-12 attend the Seminole County Youth Eco Camp that occurs four times a year. Another way is for you to come in just 15 mins early to each meeting and help organize and set up the meeting room- put down chairs, help set-up plant tables, put out membership and educational brochures, or even bring some cookies to share with the group. We are a casual group- come see how you can pitch in and what works for you. Email to aid your Cuplet Fern family here!

Published on  22.07.2018