Photographer's Paradise- Private tour of Tosohatchee! Taking pictures for FWC


You are taking pictures not just for yourself, but also for Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) to use for their own publicity in the future. This is the basis of their participation in this event and how this event came to be. This event supports Tosohatchee management!

If you purchase a ticket, all your photographs need to be uploaded into our community Flickr page or DropBox within 24 hours of the field trip. We will provide you with access so you can upload them directly. Do not forget to add your name in the file name or caption. Please support FWC through your photographs!

You are relinquishing all and any rights to your photographs so Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) can use them freely for their own needs. They will give your photographs credit when possible. You are more than welcome to continue using your own photographs for your own personal use as well!

You will need to complete the field trip waiver form and photograph release form before beginning the field trip. No exceptions.

FWC currently desires pictures that showcase native plant biodiversity! Wildflowers in bloom are a priority.

Again, plant and landscape photographs taken need to be submitted to Cuplet Fern within 24 hours of the field trip and are for the benefit of FWC to use for their publicity in any manner they desire. We will help identify plants so no worries there! Just be sure to credit yourself in the caption or file name

Please join our small group for a complimentary buggy ride on specially designated trail at Tosohatchee known for wildflowers! Take beautiful photographs of plants that are in bloom or in peak condition! We expect to be done well before noon to avoid the afternoon heat!

Your focus will simply be to take pictures Not long treks! The buggy will stay on the road and drop us off at different spots. Please wear shoes or rain boots that you don't mind getting a little wet Enjoy the experience! Water and light snacks (peanuts and crackers) will be provided!

Bring additional water (if you prefer), shoes or rain boots that you won't mind getting a little wet, hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, and your best camera!

Published on  10.07.2019