Report your monthly volunteer hours- it really does matter

If you are a Cuplet Fern member, you need to report your hours for the entire month. 


For the next 2 quarters, let's try this method. We will fine tune as it rolls out.


Why? Because FNPS State collects those hours from each chapter and builds a case for possible donors to show them how much time and effort FNPS puts into native plants- their restoration, conservation, education, promotion, operations, administration, etc...

What you do as a member matters! It's time you told us how much work you truly put in!

Report your hours for the collective interests of FNPS. For the greater good. We are counting on you.

What kind of hours qualify? All hours qualify. If you attend a meeting, calculate your travel time to and fro. If you attend a field trip, do the same. If you are answering FNPS-related emails, calcuate those too. If you are promoting FNPS in any shape or form, your need to report your time vested in it.


For this month, I had 1 hour of email correspondences, 3 hours at a field trip, and 3 hours at the monthly program. Additionally, I brought some native plants from my yard in at the program to help the Youth Eco Camp donations which I believe took me a half hour to dig up and pot. It took me 1 hour to and from the program. It took me 1 hour to and from the field trip.

1 hr (emails) + 3 hrs (field trip) + 3 hrs (monthly program) + 1/2 hour (potting plants for donations) + 2 hrs (in travel for field trip and program) = 9.5 hrs for the entire month. You can lumpsum these hours into one category (we'll get fancy with reporting at a later time. The point right now is to get your hours reported on a timely basis).



Follow this link:


And that's it. Do this once a month- that's all you've got to do. Takes 1 min once you get a swing of it! We promise you this is very, very easy!


Published on  18.04.2019