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Plant Design

Planting Zone Map   -  Always consider the plant’s cold hardiness zone.  Central Florida is 9B.    
Basic Landscape Design Ideas


Plant Selection

When selecting a plant choose the “Right Plant for the Right Place”, that is, match the plant’s needs with the existing site conditions for success.  Some examples to consider are sun/shade, wet soil moisture/dry sandy soil,  mature size.


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Native Plant Identification

Florida's Edible Native Plants - PDF
Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants
Wild Florida Photos

Books for Plant Identification

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Where To Buy Florida Native Plants

Florida Association of Native Nurseries (retail branch)
Maple Street Natives Nursery
Green Isle Gardens Nursery
The Natives Nursery (by Appointment only)
Debary Nursery
South Seminole Farm & Nursery


Where To See Florida Native Plants

Seminole County Natural Lands
Native Gardens and Natural Areas


Other Environmental Organizations

Exotic Invasive Species
Florida Natural Areas Inventory
Archbold Biological Station
Florida Native Plant Society
The Nature Conservancy
Audubon Florida
Florida Wildflower Foundation


Visual Slideshows On Various Topics

Bees Native to Florida
Bromeliad Weevils- non-native and decimating
Ferns- non-native climbing ferns 

Native Wildlife Resources

Seminole Audubon Society (SAS) native bird checklist with season and abundance notations for our area


Educational Flyers in other Languages

Introduction to the importance of Florida Native Plants- Spanish

Introduction to the importance of Florida Native Plants- Portuguese  

The mission of the Florida Native Plant Society is to promote the preservation, conservation, and restoration of the native plants and native plant communities of Florida.